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Mastery is within you. Are you ready to embrace it?

I invite you to embrace your Mastery as we collectively step up, accept and release our fears, and support each other on our unique paths.

It is now time to play big, to honor the Divinity within each of us, and to live moment to moment in ecstasy. Are you ready? Ready to accept your calling? Ready to stop playing small? Join us in a Spirit Group that kicks off on Sunday April 23rd at 6:30pm in Lee's Summit Missouri - Embracing Your Mastery. There is no fee other than the willingness to be vulnerable, to explore your connection to Source, to participate in service to community, and to lead.

Spirit is calling us to the next step in our evolution. This one will be a collective evolution from separation to unity, individuality to oneness. Masters are needed to catalyze this step. Your Mastery is waiting to be embraced and released from the chains you have kept it bound in. Join us?

Get in Touch
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Contact me for details about the upcoming Embracing Your Mastery Spirit Group.

Please note, there is no charge for these weekly meetings. We will perform a community service of our choosing as payment for the opportunity.

Click here to sign up for the group

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Not in the Kansas City area?

Contact me for support as you organize an Embracing Your Mastery Spirit Group in your area.

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