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Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

I woke up again this morning.

I have not earned this gift any more than all the previous ones

but each day so far, it has been given anew;

therefore again today, I will do my best to use it wisely,

to turn this gift of life into a blessing for someone who crosses my path.

I will smile at someone who needs a smile,

make someone laugh — we all need that

give someone a hug, or several people several hugs

hold a door, save a place, carry a load

I will listen to someone who needs to talk

open my heart to someone in pain

honor someone’s progress on their unique path

praise someone for a job well done, or well begun

excuse someone for a mistake or misstep

forgive someone for pain they caused me

free someone to go their own way

grieve with someone over their loss

celebrate with someone in their joy

avoid causing someone pain when that is my first impulse

allow someone to learn from their own mistake

stay out of someone’s way who is moving faster than I

remember that my path is only my own, not a highway for all to follow

heal someone, or allow them to heal themselves

hold someone’s hand if they happen to be going my way

give someone a hand up if they ask for it

allow someone to help me if they offer.

I know I will not succeed in doing all of these things today

and even if, on my very best day, I did manage

to succeed in all these ways and even more

I would end that day, as I will today,

deeper in debt to my Source, the Beloved, for each deed I perform

will bring me at least as much blessing as I give.

Then on those days when I stumble, do the opposite of my aspiration,

completely waste my daily gift; on those days I will be given

an even greater gift — grace, a lesson, an opportunity for growth

to be held in account for as long as it takes me to recognize it,

act upon it, so no matter how I spend my time today I am sure to return

to bed more deeply in debt than when I awoke.

Therefore I choose to live today in gratitude for this gift of life,

knowing that it is freely given, will never be called due

for on the day when finally I don’t awaken, I will return

to my Source, be embraced in the arms of the Beloved,

who will then thank me profusely for the gift of my life

that I so freely and completely gave to Her.

© Keith D. Wilson 2016

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